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For securing release of Kohver, pardoning of state traitor was secondary, says Ilves

Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves has noted that his position on pardoning Aleksei Dressen, an Internal Security Service worker convicted for state treason, had been comparatively less significant as it allowed securing the release of Eston Kohver from prison in Russia.

ERR reports that Ilves signed the pardon for Dressen, who was sentenced to 16 years for treason against Estonia in 2012, on September 25.

«I felt very little. It was a means of getting our citizen back to Estonia and of course, the Estonian president will do all it takes, within the law, and following Estonia’s laws, to bring an Estonian citizen home. And if this demands that I pardon a person imprisoned for treason, then the overruling factor here is that we have our citizen released,» Ilves explained.

He also evaluated that Kohver’s release does not change much in the bilateral relations.

«It is very difficult to say what this means, considering that kidnapping an Estonian citizen from Estonian territory certainly is not a fact, which allows two nations to move forward. At best, the earlier situation has been restored, when the abducted Estonian citizen is back at home,» Ilves reasoned

Estonian President added that Tallinn has turned more focus on country’s internal security, and the Estonian-Russian border, compared to prior the incident, which saw Kohver forced over the border into Russia.


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